Windy Hill Farm

Based in Commanche, Texas, Windy Hill Farm produces and sources organic produce and pasture-raised meats to deliver to San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. Ty Wolosin runs the organization from Beorne, Texas where he also works as owner/brewmaster for Cibolo Creek Brewing Company (don’t miss out on the grassfed burger and any of the beers!)


South Texas Heritage Pork

Pure diligence and sacrifice is the only way to raise pigs this delicious. Large Black breed pigs get to forage these Floresville, Texas pastures for roots, grubs, and wild fruit, as well as a rich supplement of local peanut hay. Grown slowly for twice as long as most other farmers, South Texas Heritage Pork has a truly singular product. Perfect for charcuterie!


Parker Creek Ranch

Located West of San Antonio on his ancestral family farm in D’hanis, Tx, Travis Krause stands as a pillar of the pasture farming community. Gorgeous grassfed Longhorn/Devon crossbred beef are the heart of the operation, but he also provides delicious, full-bodied pastured eggs, chickens, and turkeys to the area.

Farms We Love


Mesquite Field Farm

Not only do Doug and Melissa Havemann raise the happiest grassfed cows possible, they are turning their farm in Nixon, Texas into a cradle of sustainable agriculture ethos for new farmers in Texas. Founder of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance and Battleground to Breaking Ground, Doug also uses his unique skillset to organize networks of new producers and artisans looking to change the way we think of farming and animal welfare.


Four U Farms

Peanut and barley finishing give these heritage pigs an incredible sweet, nutty flavor, and though we have yet to visit them at their Deleon, Texas location, they are earning a very special place in our hearts already.


Peaceful Pork

If you are anywhere near the pastured pork market in Texas, chances are you have already heard of “Loncito” Cartwright. Long in the goat and lamb business as well, Loncito mostly raises heritage crossbreeded pigs on his vast coastal pasture near Beevile, Texas. Just a damn good time to hang out with, Loncito is also known for his hunting retreats and tequila “tastings” as much as anything else. Look for his pork at almost any serious pastured porky restaurant.


Veldhuizen Cheese

Both raw and pasteurized cheeses are made and aged on this farm in Dublin, Texas. Goudas, Cheddars, Blues, and Alpines of different ages are all wonderful expressions of the grasses and wild flowers of their pasture; its no wonder they are gaining national notoriety!